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Thread: Dell XPS M1330 Ships With Ubuntu 7.10

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    Default Dell XPS M1330 Ships With Ubuntu 7.10

    Phoronix: Dell XPS M1330 Ships With Ubuntu 7.10

    It was just last month that Dell announced it would ship Ubuntu 7.10 on their Linux-loaded notebooks and laptops, and in addition they would be shipping LinDVD to provide legal DVD playback support. The newest announcement coming out of Dell now is that they will be shipping Ubuntu on a Dell XPS notebook and that they have extended their "Dellbuntu" models to Spain...

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    sounds cool, I live in switzerland so sadly I cannot buy one of them.
    It seems that SSD is not available for France, (didn't try other countires, but it is available for UK)
    Still those disks are overpriced, 880 !!
    I wonder how long dsl would take to boot up from such a disk...
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    I left my comment on direct2dell to the following general effect:

    Offer 8 and 16GB SSD's. Who the /heck/ needs a 64GB SSD? Not me. 8 or 16? I'd do it. Especially if they made it _fast_, bandwidth wise.

    I don't see exactly what I want yet, but this brings it a whole lot closer to existence. I'm looking at between $1500 and $3000, when I do get around to buying something.
    ...and every push Dell makes for Ubuntu increases the likeliness that it's going to be from them.

    Blend this with the XT tablet and of course that smaller SSD... and I don't think I'll be able to resist.

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