Hello all,

My main workstation (Dual Opteorn, 6800GT) died (or actually, got flooded to death) and is being temporarily replaced by an Athlon64X2/5000 combined with a 8600GT/512MB.

However, I'm getting semi-abysmal performance out of my 8600GT. (Even when I OC it to 450Mhz/600Mhz. (Up from 400Mhz/575Mhz).
While I could play UT2K4 at 1920x1200x4XFSAA on my aging 6800GT, UT2K4 is only playable at 1920x1200xNO FSAA on my 8600GT.
Same goes for Q4 and ETQW.

Far worse, I get much better performance out of my 70$ 7600GT/AGP that runs on my aging Sempron64/2800 machine.

Can anyone confirm these findings?

Have you ever benchmarked the 7600GT vs. the 8600GT using the 1xx drivers?

- Gilboa