I bought a usb headset to use skype. Wow. Sound in Linux is a disaster.

It's $20 and I am sure in Windows, it would take about 10 minutes and then good to go. But, in Linux. Nope. Google sound, usb headset, ALSA and/or pulseaudio.

It doesn't matter which distro. But, since I use Debian and derivatives, just googling anything related finds nothing of use. Unless you just play music through some speakers, anything with sound in Linux is a major PITA. It's about as bad as trying to use video drivers.

The Linux community gets praise for DIY and helping but really, if it is something like this, there is no feedback. If it is something like wireless, tons of people respond. It's really telling. I find it hilarious when people post about what Linux needs to do to compete or replace Windows. It's really obvious.