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personally I see this as nothing to worry about. Considering how poorly Windows 8 is doing and the fact that implementing this UEFI seems to be a pain in the ass for hardware vendors, i don't think this will last. I'm sure most hardware manufacturers will just say "screw it, this isn't worth the effort and customer complaints".

I'm sure that most people who buy a system with Windows 8 on it and intend to replace it with another OS will not be putting linux on it but probably android.
About 10 years ago I, for the sake of fun, thought how MS is going to stop GNU/Linux.

I am very sure I did not found so elegent solution: Fill markets with computers which can't run GNU/Linux. If someone would had said that to me, I would maybe had thought that he is an idiot. It is so simple, elegant, and unimaginable 10 years ago because of many reasons.

Now I think ANYTHING is possible by big corporations.