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Thread: Samsung's A15 Chromebook Loaded With Ubuntu Is Crazy Fast

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    Default FSF and GPL must do something

    Quote Originally Posted by Pallidus View Post
    that's asking too much JS

    is this the future? a googlization of linux

    android and chrome os

    hey it's sorta, based on, kinda of, open source, and you can root it and hack it so it's better than nothing... right?
    I am asking people at FSF and even I made a petition at Change .org for PUBLIC DRIVERS for Linux OS based OSs.

    I think that GPL must ask to any device with Linux preinstalled to be able to have dual boot or change your OS, and for that you need PUBLIC DRIVERS, even if they are blobs, obviously better if they are open source.

    The use of the Linux kernel that Android and Chrome OS devices and the ARM SoCs SECRET DRIVERS, is against FREEDOM, and if not the FSF, or the GPL i think govs must do something.

    At the end no more than 5% of users change or install their OSs, the most techie ones, Why this policy? Why cannot Samsung offer a dual boot ARM Chrome OS + Ubuntu Sabayon or Manjaro preinstalled? Why cannot do it myself without hacking, in a normal way as x86-64 processors.

    Why Chrome OS cannot install GNU packages? when even MS WOS or OSX have their LO or GIMP versions and a lot of GNU multiplattform programs
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