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No problem, if Valve doesn't want me and my considerable debugging skills, they can eat shit and die. Nice to know they're picking Windows users and random bots for the beta instead of serious programmers who can find issues without the source code and maybe even fix them.
Maybe you should apply for a Job at Valve so you can employ your awesomeness as a debugger-without-source-code guru. I have to say that the prospect of debugging without source code is probably not on offer and sounds dull. I imagine that most of the debugging is done for you by Steam magic, automatically capturing crashes and problems then uploading data/logs/dumps to Valve so the valve-debuggers-with-source-code-and-Steam-APIs-and-Steam-Documentation gurus can fix and test the problems directly.

Alternatively, you can both satisfy your desperate need for Steam and compliment your debugging awesomeness by acquiring new Googling skills. With these skills you might learn that it is possible to run the beta client without being a part of the beta test group. That would be something! Steam awesomeness + debugging awesomeness + Googleing awesomeness == happy camper.