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I don't need to blame AMD at all. I just don't buy their stuff because their linux driver is iffy while nvidia's has yet to fail me in years. And I'm sad because the first computers I bought myself had AMD CPUs (from an XP 1600+ all the way to an X2 4200+); recommended AMD to friends and familiy as well. After a first Voodoo3 video card, I had a stellar Radeon 8500. Since then, I haven't found anything worthwhile in their portfolio.

And yes, profiles can be used to keep application specific optimizations away from the main code path. Again, I have yet to see a driver from nvidia improving in an area or two and regressing in all others. You just don't do this.
I blame AMD. ATI couldn't invest and now AMD does the same thing.

I recommended AMD/ATI for a htpc graphics card or just a card that allows switching between TV and monitor and it's total crap.

The onboard nvidia on the mobo using Nouveau drivers did a better job (detecting hardware etc.) even though it still wasn't very good.

But, the radeon drivers were pure crap. I'll probably install the Catalyst drivers just so the damn card can be used properly. But, it sounds like it's going to be garbage, too.

Why does anyone hype AMD/ATI when neither their FOSS nor their binary blob driver is any good?