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I applaud the efforts that have been made with the radeon driver. It came from nothing - to the offer good stability and a good subset of the OpenGL requirements for modern 3D gaming. But last time I tested it on my laptop with a **real** game (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : SOC via Wine) I got something like 6 FPS (Catalyst gives more like 30 FPS). The lack of full shadows isn't too noticeable - but the lamentable framerate is...

Since I have a (very recent!!) legacy 4650M I guess most distros are gradually going to stop supporting it (my ARCH and Gentoo installs might limp on longer than the likes of Ubuntu - which xorg-server updates are the killer).

I only have an AMD GPU in my laptop because Nvidia had nothing decent when I bought it. While the Catalyst driver was very slowly getting better over the years - I'm now stuck on some stupid legacy driver (limiting xorg-server and kernel updates).

Trouble is I can't help looking at my truly ancient desktop Geforce 8800GTX with the bleeding edge 310.xx Nvidia beta driver - working like a champ and playing Black Mesa Source (via Wine) rather well!
This is why I use Nvidia ... for now.. I hope.
In fact, when I got HD4670 back in days to use opensource driver, I had 5 FPS in old version of OpenArena.. Now it *would* run @ 90 fps.

The problem is that STALKER uses DX features that are not implemented in MESA yet, and it causes massive slowdowns. Absence of shadows is one of the indices.