I've been eyeing the MSI GX60 laptop for a while now. It seems like the perfect gaming laptop: a powerful GPU (7970) with a great battery life with a 1080p screen at a relatively cheap price. Anyways, the main thing that I'm worried about is whether Linux supports this kind of hardware or not.

The laptop uses the AMD A10 APU, and switches graphics between that and a 7970 using Enduro. Maybe it's just me but that just sounds like it won't have proper support on Linux. I was wondering if anyone here has any more information about this before I decide to purchase it. I really wouldn't mind using proprietary drivers if I have to. If switchable graphics aren't supported, that's fine too as long as I can use the APU's graphics (because I probably won't be using high end graphical applications on Linux).

I'd appreciate any info you guys have. Thanks!