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I think you are forgetting about OpenRC, which many distributions use. OpenRC is designed to run on top of any init system to provide proper dependency management and other things, such as cgroups (Linux-only). As a consequence, the use of sysvinit does not imply that you are using sysvinit scripts.
I honestly don't see how this paragraph has anything at all to do with the paragraph you quoted, which was about socket activation.

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Google Chrome OS, RHEL6, and Ubuntu and their derivatives use Upstart. RedHat used Upstart in Fedora until they decided to start from scratch instead of trying to work with Canonical on improvements.

What prevented Redhat from implementing this in Upstart?
To simplify massively, the systemd and upstart developers could not agree on a design, and so could not work on the same project. This is touched upon in http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/systemd.html "On Upstart". It's probably also significant that RH staff are in general not allowed by corporate policy to sign the Ubuntu CLA as our legal department is not happy with it.