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Thread: 8-Way NVIDIA Nouveau GPU Comparison

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    Quote Originally Posted by david_lynch View Post
    Wow - looks like 9800GTX is the way to go right now. I know what's on my wish list.
    Better yet, GTX 2xx. Best options - 260sp or 275. You can grab one for 60$ off ebay.


    Those beasts are not every energy efficient.

    This is why, when nvidia, then 5xx series. But they are not reclocking now, hence so low scores.

    Quote Originally Posted by log0 View Post
    Yeah, I find it almost tragic how 9800GTX/nouveau wipes the floor with the HD4870/r600 (warsow benchmark 100 vs 50 fps). The nouveau guys must be doing something right.
    4xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx are VLIW. VLIW means "magic compiler" is needed to produce efficient instructions for all computing units. AMD did not opensource the magic compiler, instead LLVM is doing the work in less efficient way. Nvidia does not have this problem, its scalar. But VLIW is better if its compiler is working right. Double-edged.

    Besides, 9800GTX = HD4870. 8800 and 9800 are same chips, also there were soldering problems with them. If ever thinking about nvidia - see choice above.
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