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Thread: Open-Source AMD RS690 3D Support

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    Default Open-Source AMD RS690 3D Support

    Phoronix: Open-Source AMD RS690 3D Support

    David Airlie has just mentioned on his blog that there is now initial open-source 3D support for the RS690 chipset. AMD's RS690 is an IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) found on some motherboards and has been somewhat popular for HTPC/media purposes...

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    Can anyone tell us which is the state of the open source driver radeon for this card compared with the latest 9.3 Catalyst?
    This because it has been said that futures versions of Catalyst will not support this cards (x1200, x1250, ...)based on RS690 chip.

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    Dude... talk about a zombie.

    Anyway, the RS690 works decently with 3D. I have one in my desktop. Well enough to run glxgears and Compiz at least. This has been covered in numerous other threads.

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