In April last year, I posted the following messaqe summarising my unsatisfactory experiences with ATI over a number of years:

Well, I thought, nearly another year has passed and perhaps it's time to try again. Just maybe things have reached a point where ATI can provide a working driver for the graphics card in my notebook. After all, the notebook is now 2.5 years old and my previous PC with an ATI card was replaced some years ago.

A bit of research about fedora installation tells me to use yum and livna, after which ...

... telinit 5 leaves me with a blank screen. Ctrl-alt-F8, Ctrl-alt-F7 fixes that, but it's hardly a long term solution ...

... and the resolution is wrong for my screen - nothing I try will give me working 1400x1050.

ATI, possibly the most pathetic story in the history of driver development.

It can't be that hard, can it, to produce drivers which work? Nvidia have been doing it for years.