Found a regression: Oxygen window decoration is much slower, causes plasma animations to stutter if they happen while a window is transitioning from focused > unfocused. Tested with other decorations, and they don't cause it. Also tested different plasma themes and they don't have any bearing on it. It's definitely the Oxygen decoration doing it (or part of it).

I guess I'll report it later after I've had my nap.

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Translation: "For the Nth consecutive release our ever declining contributor party brings you fewer new features with an increasing disinterest in fixing even longer standing bugs. On our road to complete failure we will not hesitate to talk about how we added EXTRA PERFORMANCE despite the fact we managed to create the most taxing software behemoth out there. And by the way QtQuick is soooo überkool that we involuntarily mention it 500 times in press releases despite the fact that it is just a piece of open core bu$ine$$ shit pulled out of Digias ass. Enjoy!"
Do you camp phoronix for KDE threads or something?