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    Quote Originally Posted by agd5f View Post
    Yes, I do. I work on open source graphics drivers at AMD. Not only do we write much of the code, we also support community developers by providing hardware and an interface to our internal teams. The open source drivers have had good support for r3xx-r5xx cards for years. The open source drivers work fine for the vast majority of users and they support all the latest features of the open source graphics stack. They have full modesetting and 3D support and they are open source so anyone in the community can improve them or port them to another OS. Additionally, the open source drivers still have full support for r1xx and r2xx asics. AFAIK, nvidia never supported asics that old on Linux at all. Additionally, because the source is available, the community can develop things like mesa or wine specific GL extensions to better support D3D applications, or to expose functionality on the hardware that may not map to an existing OpenGL extension. Open source drivers also work out of the box natively on new user interfaces like wayland and android.
    Thanks for all, Alex!
    I'm still using AGP Radeon 9600 + PCI-E Radeon X300 together (currently in zaphod mode) in my desktop machine (it wont handle anything newer or more powerfull), using latest Linux distributions (with KDE and it's compositor), without any big performance or missing features problems (no problems with games also). I've switched to open source radeon driver in around pre-last release of ATI's "binary blob" and drop support for R3xx-R5xx cards. I was really impressed how stable open source radeon was (compared to "binary blob") and that each feature that was there simply worked! Since then I was always happy with every version of open source radeon/r300/r300g driver. And support from Alex, Marek, Tom and other radeon driver developers was always great - very quick problems resolving (usually up to few hours after problem was reported there was a proper patch - well, my problems were usually in uncommon cases, when using multiseat with one or two cards, or video out to analog TVs, or some OpenGL features that "binary blob" didn't support on my cards).

    Once more - BIG THANKS for all your efforts!
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