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Thread: Intel Ivy Bridge Acceleration Of UXA vs. SNA

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    This is an extension, the primary cfg is set in text files with is the right way. "Detect" thing will fail in several cases, although its a good one. It still needs maintenance.
    Everything you wrote is non-exclusively correct, lets find a guy who implements it. :P
    Well, it's not that hard. (I just did that to remember and train a little PyQt4).
    You would "just" need to extend it to parse the output of X -config.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curaga View Post
    For people not using opensuse, what happened to their conf tool? A short history on why this superior tool is no longer maintained would be useful.
    This sums it up in a nutshell

    as an alternative they now offer this:

    Which is a completely f*** up expectation of a user to follow and throws back end user computing experience decades into the past.

    With SaX2 you were even able to use a windows.inf monitor file to get the correct modeline entries into your xorg if the EDID (which in itself was easily disabled or overridden from a gui) didn't work properly.

    Trust me there were a fair number that were PO'd at the discontinuation of SaX2
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