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You're free not to like his opinions however if not for extremes like RMS the software world would be closed and locked down tight. Yes we are slowly sinking into that abyss at the moment because $$$ always wins. RMS's worst predictions have a nasty way of coming true.

Ways to avoid bleak locked down "we don't own anything we own" futures...

1.) Don't feed the pig!!! Don't purchase things from corporations with questionable goals. M$,Crapple just spring to mind don't they?

2.) Install free operating systems and encourage others to do so. The more people running a Linux distro or 'BSD the better. Just reinforcing rule #1.

3.) Drink beer. Computer stuff seems less important drunk.
The problem with Stallman and his religious cult that calls themselves Free Software Foundation is that their views/beliefs/and opinions don't solve the everyday problems that users have to face. Until they address problems like high performing apps that get things done and highly performing HW with FOSS firmwares better rename themselves to Unusable Computer Foundation.

That said what Canonical did with Amazon would have me pretty pissed if i was an Ubuntu user.