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Thread: Richard Stallman Calls Ubuntu "Spyware"

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    [QUOTE=Rallos Zek;300302]Stallman again is right as ever. [QUOTE]

    Stallman is an idiot, full stop.

    This is the same guy who opposes Steam on Linux because playing closed proprietary games with DRM is evil and unethical.

    Once again he has proven himself to be completely clueless to what most people WANT to do on their computers. People want software and application, not licenses.

    If this luddite really cares about user freedom he should just shut up about people installing non-free software on a free operating system.

    Linux users complain about commercial software vendors not offering Linux versions of their software, and when said vendor actually takes the trouble to provide a Linux port, they get flamed because their software is not FOSS.

    Case in point:
    - AMD did not support Linux with binary blobs until recently. FOSS cried foul that Linux was not suppoted
    - AMD released buggy fglrx. FOSS cried foul that the drivers were subpar
    - AMD improved fglrx greatly. FOSS cried foul because the closed nature of fglrx prevented them from leaching code that could be used for the free Radeon driver
    - AMD released specifications for graphics chipsets. FOSS cried foul because those specifications were 'insufficient'...and they can't even get RadeonSI working properly after alll the noise they make

    - Nvidia produces an impressive binary driver for Linux which is updated to support newer versions of xserver much faster than AMD. FOSS cried foul because they cannot steal code from the Nvidia driver to improve their really subpar Nouveau driver

    If the FOSS community is so capable, why can't they do everything without crying foul on how they cannot leech code from proprietary sources? Or rather, why do they even have to create 'alternatives' to popular commercial software instead of thinking up of those programs themselves right from the get go? Case in point:

    - Adobe KNOWS that people need creative tools like sophisticated video editors and image editing software (think Creative Suite). So did Sony (Vegas), Apple (Final Cut + Aperture) and Pinnacle (Pinnacle Studio), among many others. Why did it take so long for FOSS to come out with GIMP and a bunch of crappy excuses for non-linear video editors a whole decade AFTER Adobe, Apple, Sony and Pinnacle already entrenched themselves in the creative market?

    A developer community which has no idea of what today's users actually need to do on a computer has no right to tell people what they should/should not do. Period.

    Somebody should steal RMS's passport and netbook again so that he can't post anything for another month or two. Then I'll laugh in his face and proclaim about how his stuff have been claimed by the Free Baggage Foundation, whose goals are to ensure that everybody's baggage and property are supposed to be free for anybody to take.

    EDIT: Yes, I use tons of non-free software on my copy of Fedora. Intel's proprietary wifi firmware, Microsoft's Skype, Microsoft's proprietary Office 2007 fonts, Opera browser, Nvidia's drivers, proprietary codecs, etc etc, and nobody, not even Stallman, can tell me that this is wrong. I, and I ALONE, decide what's right for my use. Even if it means spitting in the face of FOSS.
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