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Indeed! The lack of perspective here is overwhelming.

RMS did three major things. He didn't do them alone, but was the driving force behind them, and without him, we wouldn't have them:

- Emacs
- GCC and the rest of the GNU toolchain

The first one is not important to everyone. The third one made Linux and everything around it possible, the second one was what made Linux and all the BSDs and everything Apple does today possible.

If someone doesn't like his hairstyle or his opinions, fine, knock yourself out. But talking about how he is not doing the "real things" for "the people"? He is 60 years old now, FFS, he did the "real things" that make everything you touch today possible, and he did them 30 years ago. Now he's a Free Software advocate, a movement he started, and which began as a couple of command-line tools, and which now runs most supercomputers, as well as providing software for almost everything anyone would ever want to do on a programmable computer.

If somebody doesn't see this, there is no helping them. Go ahead and hate him, I don't care, and neither does he.
Very very well said. Thank you.

I'm sure there are many areas I'd disagree with Stallman (also many I agree with too), but I cannot help but respect the man. It cannot be denied what he and those that worked with him did.