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Except that OSS drivers, even at this point, are better than the closed blob in some regards. Consider their rock-solid stability, perfect integration with the system, light weight and standards compliance. There are plenty of people for whom these are more important than raw power.
Yes, and that is why I use them, even though I consider myself to very much be a gamer. The performance and power management could be improved, but other than that I find it to be a far superior experience to any proprietary blob driver (the PM is not even that much of a problem for me when using the power profiles). The maintenance burden is just that much lower. On a laptop I am perfectly fine and may even prefer an Intel GPU but on the desktop I still want the performance benefits of a dedicated chip, which can even be felt using the FOSS drivers. I am happy with my AMD card and I am continually grateful for the work that is still going in to better support it.