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Thread: Ubuntu Continues Focusing On The Nexus 7 Tablet

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: Ubuntu Continues Focusing On The Nexus 7 Tablet

    Meanwhile, for those wanting more powerful ARM hardware that also works with Ubuntu Linux, I would highly recommend the Google Samsung Chromebook with the ARM Cortex-A15 as its performance is far superior to the current-generation Tegra and all around it's a great offering.
    Oh you are recommending something which (let me know if I forgot something please)
    1. have no graphic driver in a working state for Linux
    2. have a quite broken power save

    I'm impressed..... really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e8hffff View Post
    Am I correct in saying that the kernel is Andoid build?
    yes it is a ubuntufied android kernel

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark45 View Post
    Yes, but I'd like to become an optional part of the Linux stack before Linux becomes mainstream on desktops and tablets, otherwise people with serious app will hook into to get extra flexibility and X.Org will stay on top for a lot longer. And I hate X with a passion while I have to deal with some of its API (xlib) it's so awkward bleehhhw
    Want to second what Mark said here - I despise X - it's obsolete, slow, a big hack. It was useful in its time, but it's useless for now. Ubuntu eventually must run atop Wayland on the Nexus 7, or it will be a joke. I'd go as far as saying that right now Ubuntu w/X on the Nexus 7 is a far bigger joke than Android. Android at least redid the display server and removed the dependency on X, much as Wayland is trying to right now, except Wayland can really crack the dev doors open - and it won't be just Java/Dalvik but any language will be used for Nexus 7 or any other tablet. That's the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJenbo View Post
    yes it is a ubuntufied android kernel
    Another problem. What the hell is going on where one can't build a kernel on these SoCs. Why are these companies being so restrictive to Linux, yet allowing Android (Java domain ontop of Linux) platform.

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    I'm kinda with uid313, I bought a Nexus 7 (partly due to good word of mouth from people here on Phoronix) and I think it's great. However I see it as a pure 'consumer' device and as such I use it for watching video, reading books, playing some games etc. I just can't see anything that Ubuntu on my Nexus 7 would offer that would make a difference in what I currently get based upon my usage patterns with it.

    Then again it's tinkering, and it's always fun to tinker

    Either way it's interesting seeing Canonical being so gung-ho about getting Ubuntu onto the Nexus 7. And of course it's brilliant that installing an alternative OS on this device is a viable option.

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