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WINE is a failure. After like 20 years of development, millions in donations, and an army of developers, the best it can do is (maybe) run your Windows applications(with some extra bugs and worse performance).

A couple of years ago I evaluated running half a dozen enterprise Windows applications in WINE. WINE failed to run any of them adequately, most couldn't even start, and it was always because of some unimplemented function in a DLL somewhere... Maybe after 40 years of development WINE will adequately run 90% of applications written for Windows 2000.

If that doesn't tell you that "Not An Emulators" are a waste of time, I don't know what will.
On the other hand, the FreeBSD kernel has nearly perfect Linux binary support. The issue with Wine is that the windows interfaces are convoluted, undocumented, and have multiple incompatible implementations that need to be supported. I'd imagine Mac is closer to Linux as architecturally goes than it is to Windows.