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Ok, I'll bite, troll. Complaining about ad revenues and repeating post after post that Larabel is <insert insult here>, spamming about your little distro and your websites, and resorting to personal insults qualifies as troll behavior that serves to shut down any civil dialogue. There are other websites if you don't like this one, you know.
zomglol I bet you used both brain cells to type that, didn'tchya.

I didn't intend to shut down any civil dialog - I'm just calling it what it is - crap. I even provided evidence. If that's a problem for you, grow some technical skills and tell my why I'm wrong without referencing a forum post and a patch that injects wait states into kernel functions.

Where is the kernel mailing list post that confirms the bug - or even Michael's kernel mailing list post that lets them know the potential bug even exists.