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Thread: Linux Kernel Development Is Slow On The Xbox 360

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    Default Linux Kernel Development Is Slow On The Xbox 360

    Phoronix: Linux Kernel Development Is Slow On The Xbox 360

    While custom, unsigned code can be executed on the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console with Linux, kernel development in this area has been moving very slow...

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    These Xbox 360 hackers actually think they may be able to reuse some of the open-source ATI/AMD Linux graphics drivers since the Xbox 360 uses ATI graphics hardware.
    That might turn out to be difficult, as the Xenos graphics in the Xbox 360 is unlike all chipsets that ATI sold into the PC market. AFAIR it was based on the cancelled R500 (R520 took its place in PCs and Notebooks).

    That said, it would be a worthwhile goal to get this working: the Xbox 360 was even able to decode HD-DVD so the graphics chip packs quite some punch for its age.

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    Yeap, I don't think the GC-linux/Wii-linux people got any help for the Flipper/Hollywood chips either, though they were AMD too.

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