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Thread: The Grinch That Delayed FreeBSD 9.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by BO$$ View Post
    C'mon be honest! Which has a better chance to become the next windows? Linux or BSD? BSD is dead man, dead on arrival. Linux clearly won this one.
    Actually, why don't you be honest.! Which had a better chance to become the "real" MacOSX ? - and u're right ! -It was NOT Linux, it was based on BSD, and NO, it wasn't just all about the BSD-License -lol.
    And (Free)BSD, the original old Boss, is still around.

    "....a better chance to become the next windows..." - wtf ?
    You honestly want Linux to just become the next "Windows" ???!!! That's all we need, another clone of the "Unity Ballmer".
    Comon', again - Nobody even wants Windows anymore, man.

    Look, some like, or need to have the freedom to go to different Lakes, and rivers, (aka a different UNIX), and NOT just (stagnate)"distro-hop" in the same stench pond.

    But hey, This is just a FreeBSD thread, and I'm sure there's lots of Linux threads elsewhere to roll around in.. so, (troll)Hop-along now.
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