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Thread: Loongson Hardware Is Still A Tough Find

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    Quote Originally Posted by necro-lover View Post
    Sure and the people always only benchmark the 1% of the apps just because they need the speed in the 1% of the apps. In the end you buy your hardware because of these benchmarks in the 1% of the apps.
    AngryBirdMark 2014 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    AngryBirdMark 2014 ?
    Who knows? Maybe the Porn industries set a new standard and then all the people benchmark with the new Porn-Mark 2014 ?
    Sure in 3D and with a neurological-feedback interface for the 100% natural feeling.
    And be sure this will need a lot of performance to simulate all the nude female body’s in the matrix.

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    Default no surprise at all

    Quote Originally Posted by crazycheese View Post
    Loongson Hardware Is Still Too Tough To Find
    Loongson Hardware Is Still A Tough Find

    Completely open hardware, implementing only open standards comes only from China.

    Bite me please.
    REALLY you are surprised that the chinese are fond of software and hardware that doesn't require payments to foreigners?

    Get out your copy of google chrome (automatic translation) and scope out the chinese ARM development community, especially the embedded folks. These are the people who put the smarts in modern appliances. They have a lot of experience with how to put cheap computing power on the market. ST Microsystems in particular has almost a cult following. This country has literally millions of potential software developers, they are going to trend toward their own homegrown solutions.

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