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Thread: ubuntu and intel

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    Default ubuntu and intel

    this is curious and I'd like to know more about it.

    I have tested a couple laptops with intel gfx from 2008/09/10

    In fedora and other distros when you check the details in system settings it shows your device and driver

    in ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 it just says 'graphics unknown' and 'driver unknown'

    this in more than one laptop with different oldish intel gfx

    grep says the kernel loaded the i915 driver but for instance it doesn't let me turn on webgl in gmaps saying my system is not up to specs (it turns on webgl in fedora no probs)

    that and the fact that mint 14 and ubuntu 12.10 fail to load the driver for my gm45 makes me conclude that canonical must have messed something up with the intel driver stack

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    Default ubuntu and intel

    This is one of the good articles you can find in the net explaining everything in detail regarding the topic. I thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts and ideas to a lot of readers out there.

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