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Thread: Last Call To Provide GNOME With Useful Feedback

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    Default Michael: Suspend the survey.


    If your interests is hosting a survey which can help GNOME you need to suspend the current one. As pointed out by me and others it is:

    FLAWED (see the wrongful goto)
    BIASED (see the skewed answer in multiple choice type questions)
    OBSOLETE (go read matthias clasens blog, GNOME did add a legacy session including some featured extensions)

    You still have time to prove this 2012 survey is not about clicks and lulz by doing it in a more fair manner.

    Are you fair Michael???

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    " Add minimize / maximize buttons
    Reduce dead space in the theme"

    some people would rather waste hours in forums bitching and insulting developers than spend 5 minutes looking for shit.

    I have a nice theme, I have minimize and maximize buttons etc...

    all it takes is going to devianart and extensions.gnome

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