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are there real world examples of people really compiling the latest kernel releases and using them on 486's?
I know there are many embedded controllers that are basically cloned i486 chips. I'm of the mind that they'd be better served running kernel 2.2 or 2.4 with an old revision of the toolchain, though.

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wouldn't it be better to drop anything prior to pentium4's??
Well this is where it gets tricky. After the i386, there's not much to be gained by dropping things until you get up to the i686, which encompasses the PentiumPro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium-M, and Core (not 'Core 2'). Dropping 'up to the Pentium 4' would actually kill-off a LOT of totally viable not-so-old chips, like the first Intel MacBooks!

Were I the King of Linux, glibc, and GCC, I would push to drop up to (but not including) the PentiumPro architecture (i686), dropping the 486, 586, and some VIA Cyrix/C3 CPUs that need special treatment along the way. Let those old chips get served by older releases, while the 32-bit x86 architecture is kept to only the PentiumPro and the Netburst (Pentium 4) cores.