I need once again your help in one thing !
I was thinking that only could buy the ASROCK MoBo but this weekend, here , finally there is a store not only with the ASROCK but also with the MSI mITX MoBo.

I'm a bit undecided (well, i already have a favorite but want to check out your opinion)...

1. WiFi
2. BlueTooth
3. PS/2 connector for keyboard AND mouse

1. Max. shared memory 2GB
2. A bunch of 555x stuff that i have no clue if apply any of it to Linux.

MSI only costs 4 more EUROs, i have no clue about amount of max shared memory of MSI.

What is the track record of these companies in relation with Linux ?
Track record of (generic) BIOS updates ?
How about overall quality of the MoBo ?

Some strong points about ASROCK that i don't know ?

I heard that MSI BIOS/hardware is specially good for lower power drain , is that true or a urban myth ?