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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Comparison: 6 Desktops, 5 Driver/GPUs

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    I am a bit shocked about the differences from the Desktops in gaming... I mean ok I can understand why the "3d"-Desktops perform sometimes bad... but how can there be significant differences sometimes between xfce and lxde? And is there no general rule, which one is faster? I just dont get it... the window manager should open a window in full-screen and then the driver should directly write in this window, does it say to the window manager please draw me a poligon in this window or something like that?

    So is there a general rule, if as example I would use something like awesome-wm which is pretty low-end would it perform best in all test? whats the bottle-neck, does the dms eat some ram behind or does they calculate some tetris games its playing with it self? Strange...

    but very interesting that at least if you use the right dm in some game radeon driver kicks ass... at least in speed terms the radeon driver improves very well, even I think thats not the most important field...


    another thought... does that differences go away at least in the cases where the desktops switch properly to 2d in background if a 3d window in fullscreen gets startet... with wayland... so is wayland be more direct in rendering games?
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