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Thread: Linux Audio Driver Improvements On The Horizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by timofonic View Post
    But we still require to use a beast like JACK to do "professional" audio under Linux...
    And what is the problem here? I mean, jack is an extremely powerful tool and sound server. You could complain about it not integrating well with pulseaudio for now and thus not being user friendly, but it's nice to have a specialized sound server just for professional audio that takes no compromises.

    Quote Originally Posted by timofonic View Post
    And well, hardware mixer support is limited to a few cards (most of them Creative ones). And let's forget about advanced features of DSPs, like the E-MU ones or others.
    And in what cases is this relevant for professional audio? You would never want to leave jack for your DSP chain because it's hundreds orders of magnitude more flexible than any hardware DSP and avoids costly latency and bandwidth usage between I/O devices, and hardware mixing is totally inviable while you are already doing all the DSP in software inside jack or whatever you use in windows/mac (guess what, there is no use for hardware DSP and mixing there too).
    Also, nowadays it's cheaper to mix everything in the cpu than to use costly bandwidth to move dozens of audio streams to a very inflexible piece or hardware just to offload mixing. And even if you are talking about these hardware Equalizer, virtual surround or something you get with cheap HDA drivers in windows, they are pretty terrible in terms of quality and implementation. I would rather use a good pulseaudio plugin for system-wide equalizer and virtual surround, but alas, nobody is doing that right now and your best bet is to dump pulseaudio into jack and put your favorite EQ and other DSP in the path. This is actually a really good solution with very low latency even for games and high sound quality, BUT, it's not user friendly to fiddle with jack and make pulseaudio cooperate(as of right now).

    Quote Originally Posted by timofonic View Post
    MacOS X and even Windows still has an extremely high amount of advantages in the audio stuff.
    Not "extreme", but I do agree their approach is more user friendly. Although not necessarily technically sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by timofonic View Post
    I really hope the KLANG concept gets matured soon, this is one of the lots of lacks for making Linux a proper desktop system.
    As many much more capable developers than me or you have said, KLANG is not viable. It actually goes against from a lot of things made in mac and windows sound system, that you seen to favor.
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