Now with Steam for Linux beta I have been messing around and I asked myself, which NVIDIA graphics card would be THE BEST for Linux gaming? (Not considering the price of those graphics cards.)
As far as I know, NVIDIA Quadro cards are made for OpenGL performance. NVIDIA GTX cards are made for Windows games, so that means Direct X performance, if I got it right. So technically a Quadro would outperform a GTX on Linux gaming? (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
Let's assume I'd buy a Quadro K5000 (cuz I'm totally a rich guy), is the commercial Linux driver for a Quadro any good on the Linux platform, or doesn't NVIDIA care about Quadro users on Linux at all? Does Linux itself support NVIDIA Quadro cards, especially the new ones?

I need answers. That's my mission.
(oh and I was joking about being rich )