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Thread: W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

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    Default W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

    Phoronix: W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

    The World Wide Web Consortium announced today that the definition is now complete for HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. While feature-complete, HTML5 and Canvas 2D aren't yet approved W3C standards. The W3C also announced today the first drafts of HTML 5.1 and Canvas 2D Level 2...

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    Hoping to see OpenGL ES 3.0 being implemented in WebGL with this new wave of improvements to web standards.

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    It would be nice if they could decouple the OpenGL ES version/context creation from the WebGL specification.
    This way you can keep on having new OpenGL ES versions without having to need a new WebGL specification.

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    I'm just anxious for all the browsers to get to the point of fully supporting the new HTML5 form control types (e.g. input type="date" with the browser built-in calendar widgets) and attributes (being able to arbitrarily attach a form element on the page to any form defined in the document).

    Those alone will make my day job much easier.

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    Web-programming should really optimized for vsynced animation, social networking, messages, videophoning, database, keywords etc. All those things that have come to be popular.

    Ultimately the internet becomes a complete social network, with all the advanced features one is used to, and one can post, or share from local node, by keywords blog style, for instance, with autosearch to similar topics, keywords including geographic location, topic, age etc. Interesting development is it not. Now that is a network. Imagine having an app that does all this sitting in the system tray, popping up when there is a videocall etc. And ofcourse the databases will be optimized and named Coolbase.

    Peace Be With You.
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