if you know some gnome3 haters (and they keep bitching about gnome3), ask them if they created a Desktop Environment yet.
Linux Mint did it. They forked Gnome-shell and name it Cinnamon.
You don't like it? Fine! Just fork the Gnome-shell and make your own "we-hate-gnome-shell" desktop environment , or "we-love-gnome-two" desktop environment.
Heck, you can even make "Windows-xp-for-gnome-shell" desktop environment. YOU CAN DO IT!
Only by manipulating javascript , CSS (and some fancy language you don't use so much) , you can create an Euphoric Desktop Environment from the gnome-shell which will be adored generations to come.

we love gnome-shell. I love gnome-shell. I choose to love Gnome-shell.
you love KDE ? sure! it's your love. It's your choice. It's not mine , its yours.

PS :
You know, there are too much trolls these days. Thanks to place like 4chan & Reddit (both are great by the way), trolls can unite to spam surveys. They (4CHAN) made Kim Jong Un as the person of the year. For me, Gnome survey 2012 have 1000 respondent is a good thing. less "go kill yourself" comments means less troll and more accurate results.