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....Several other features were either pulled or dumbed down in Nautilus. Since I use the Filemanager on a daily basis, I thought, no problem, I'll switch to a more advanced FM; however, thats not 100% possible, because Nautilus also draw the desktop, so clicking on any files on the desktop automatically launch Nautilus and not my new Filemanager.
If 3.6 didn't dumb down nautilus to the point of unusability, didn't add the retarded slide lock, and didn't add the big, ugly and non-transluscent action bar at the bottom of the screen, then I'd probably still like Gnome-Shell. Unfortunately, I'm running Arch Linux and have already upgraded to 3.6 and cannot go back to 3.4[/QUOTE]

You don't have to downgrade nautilus, their is a file manage called 'nemo' that is a fork of nautilus 3.4 (available in aur, forked by linux mint) ... I was going to switch, but i got used to the new version. The only thing that is annoying is that the search function is as quick when doing searches in concession. everything seems to be okay, other than i kinda with it still had the regular toolbar...

and fyi (i don't know off-hand) but you can substitute the file-manager in Gnome (ie: have dolphin, marlin, etc open files). I think it is a setting somewhere in dconf-editor.