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Thread: large block device support missing in 3.7.1?

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    Default large block device support missing in 3.7.1?

    Under the menu heading "Enable the block layer" there should be an option called "Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files" which is required for just about every modern filesystem, but it seems to be missing. Without it, I cant get my / partition to mount r/w....

    Am I missing something obvious? I looked all through the menuconfig and couldnt find it. Without that option ext4 is worthless. and I dont know what happened to it.

    Any help would be awesome. if you guys need more information I'll gladly get it for you.

    EDIT: I know that there are some kernel options that only become visible if some prerequisite is checked, does this option also have a prereq that needs checked for it to be visible?
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