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Thread: Linux Kernel Still Picking Up AVX Optimizations

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    Default Linux Kernel Still Picking Up AVX Optimizations

    Phoronix: Linux Kernel Still Picking Up AVX Optimizations

    Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) have been present in Intel and AMD hardware since last year with Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer processors, respectively, but their use isn't too very widespread at this point. Fortunately, the Linux kernel has been receiving some AVX1/AVX2 optimizations...

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    AVX1 was quite limited in that it used only floating point.
    AVX2 looks very promising.

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    Please don't tell me that AVX has special instructions for RAID6! It was ok for libcrypto, but what is so special in RAID6 (not RAID 0-5)? Why they rewrite libraries in assembly instead of optimizing gcc to produce AVX-optimized code?
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