Hello everyone, I am stumped right now with a decision I need to make.

I currently have a Intel E8400 CPU with a Radeon HD 4850 video card. Since AMD stopped releasing Linux drivers back with Catalyst v12.6, I am unable to play TF2 and quite possibly L4D2 which is the game I cant wait to play again.

Option 1: I have a brand new AMD A4-3400 which has a built in Radeon HD 6410D and would cost me about $70 for the motherboard. I can transfer my exisiting RAM.

Option 2: Upgrade my video card to a Nvidia 650 for around $110.

I have been trying to find benchmarks for the A4-3400 and although what I have found looks good when using Windows, I have found very little when using Linux. I also need to keep in mind that my current HDD is on it's way out and will require replacing soon so although the $40 savings with Option 1 may help get a new HDD sooner, I would hate to go that route only to find out that it still won't play games at a decent framerate.

Has anyone here tried the A4-3400 processor in Linux with different games like Oil-Rush and Valves TF2 Linux?