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Thread: Prequengine: Another Open-Source Game Engine

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    Default Prequengine: Another Open-Source Game Engine

    Phoronix: Prequengine: Another Open-Source Game Engine

    Lately there's been an increasing number of open-source projects sprouting up to design open-source game engine implementations around older closed-source engines to handle certain game content. Another one of these projects is Prequengine, which is for Little Big Adventure...

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    Well since we're bringing up open source engines, I'll promote CorsixTH for the 1998 Bullfrog game Theme Hospital:

    The community around that engine is currently quite active. Most of the major features of the game have been implemented, along with some extras such as a map editor and community levels.

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    Theme hospital? Lol that was so cool. Good old days...

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