Hi Michael,

I hope you read this.
I've noticed the sale of Phoronix mentioned in a thread on reddit, linking to this site: https://flippa.com/2850785-phoronix-...-cpm-monetized

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work over the years. Phoronix has been on my list of daily sites to visit since about 2008. I believe you've contributed to a better standard of software through awareness you've raised via your power regression tests, your benchmarks and various articles on the state of Linux sub-systems. You have helped raise awareness of developments regarding graphics drivers (open AND closed binaries), games, file systems and more.

I can only hope that someone will buy the site with the intention to continue it as a reporting source on interesting topics within Linux and the open source community. While your articles were not always well balanced (I swear sometimes you were just trolling parts of the community :P) and sometimes too light on information, most of us recognised that you took the time to consolidate lots of interesting open source/linux information in one place and I thank you for that.

Good luck for your future projects!

Cheers from Australia,