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How do I do that? Is there a bugzilla or similar for fglrx?
There is many ways to do that:
Tech. support: http://emailcustomercare.amd.com
Bugtracker: http://ati.cchtml.com
New forum for issues related to Steam: http://devgurus.amd.com/community/steam-linux
Feedback form: http://www.amd.com/us/LinuxCrewSurvey

Don't forget to attach /usr/share/fglrx/atigetsysteminfo.sh report.

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There used to be. But don't expect anything from it. About a year ago I thorougly tested fglrx for OpenGL implementation bugs, found quite a number of them. Wrote testcases and demonstration programs reliably triggering the bugs (including X.Org crashes and HW DoS, i.e. you'd have to reboot the machine), submitted it all. Never got even a status update.
They doesn't update status on this bugtracker. This bugtracker used only for submitting issues to the catalyst linux team.
So what status of issues you submitted in current driver? I mean does it still reproducible in Catalyst 12.10-12.11?

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Regarding bugs in NVidia drivers: I usually report them directly to my contacts at NVidia, but last time I found a bug first in NVidia drivers was 2006.
May you please give this link to your contacts in nVidia?
This bug was submitted to nVidia tech. support in August, but in 313 driver release still doesn't fixed.

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I have a GTX 295, and although its one physical card, it actually has two hardware cards inside.
You probably mean something like RAMDAC (doesn't sure how this thing called for digital outputs this days).