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(Improved) file format support for RTF, Visio & MS Publisher (maybe you don't use Publisher, but lots of people do/did use it) are always big improvements IMO.
I nowhere wrote that those changes are not welcome, even though I'd like to see some form of evidence that lots of people use Publisher.

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And the "logo interpreter" is just a 1400 lines Python script, and seems useful for both schools & creative artists, so maybe you don't have a use for it, but they might do...
Luckily it's not huge code bloat but I doubt its usefulness. LibreOffice is not the right tool for creative artists (Logo scripting or not) and it's not the right tool to teach children programming real Logo is better.

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If you read the LibO 4.x release notes, you will see that they did work that makes it easier to prototype new user interfaces. Let's see what that makes possible in the long term.
I noticed the part about Glade file compatibility but I also noticed the complete lack of vision for an UI that works well with 16:10 displays. Are they going to introduce major UI changes within the 4.x line? Will they then jump to 5.0?
AOO has a UI vision. LO does not. Maybe Glade will lead to something good but maybe nothing major will change. Even worse could be that new UI conventions will just be thrown in without any coordination.

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BTW: I hope AOO's "all new UI" doesn't mean they will get IBM's Java/Eclipse based interface?
No, although it would be an improvement over the crap VCL toolkit currently in use by both LO and OO.
Switching to Qt would be a good idea but Apache won't do it because Qt is under LGPL and TDF won't do it because most of their developers have clear GTK bias.