I installed 64-bit Mint 14.1 on my PC with a Radeon HD 4670, and decided to try running World of Warcraft on it through Wine. Installed Wine 1.5.5 and copied WoW from a different PC. When I ran WoW at fist I saw a black screen and some digital corruption, so I installed the Catalyst drivers. Now those drivers worked but I see corruption every so often and everything seems to work in past tense. Blaming it on the outdated Catalyst 12.6 legacy drivers, I order a Nvidia Geforce GT 520 cause I heard Nvidia is far better on Linux then AMD is. Yea I know it's a piece of junk of a graphics card but I use this PC exclusively for testing Linux.

Anyway to prepare the PC for the new graphics card I reverted the drivers back to open source and tried WoW again. For whatever reason it works perfectly. Was getting 19 fps but still not bad. I have no idea why the default drivers didn't work at first. So yea, is it better to have Catalyst for Wine or leave it open source? Also, is there anyway to get the latest open source drivers will all the fancy features turned on, like I see on these Phoronix benchmarks? I'm a Linux noob so please assume I don't know much about what commands I need to type to do this stuff.