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Please, for the love of deities, don't feed the trolls...
Oh, I am sorry!

Thats good to know.. but you should also understand that this is still inefficient. A two year old plain direct scenario, a Linux user wants to buy a video card - and is still confronted with more troubles when going AMD route - is still actual. Fix power management, improve 3D performance to 25%, take our money if you need to. How much do you guys get from each windows installation that you are fanatically polishing it? If, say, every Linux user would pay you out of own pocket to reach near same performance and feature set you offer *for free* under Windows, would you think about it managing your open driver in a more efficient way? Just start a poll,.. anywhere.. even on Ubuntu forums, as an official AMD member. See the your potential buyer reaction. Intel started to invest into opensource driver recently, and voila, they punched through marketshare of both red and green team like through butter. I bet the hardware sells covered up the expenses, as they are continuing.