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Have you tried to use the proprietary Catalyst (Crapitalist?) drivers with Linux? It's a constant pain in the rear. X gets updated, but Catalyst no longer works with X. So you try to install some new application and it needs some updated X functionality. One of two things happens. Either a new version of X gets installed, and lo and behold X is broken. Or you simply cannot upgrade. But let's set aside the many technical problems with proprietary drivers for a moment.

Proprietary software is ethically wrong. It's holding back the progress of mankind. Think about how much faster technology progresses when software is done out in the open.

Also, it is naive to think that proprietary software is about gettings things for free. Programmers get paid to write free software. People buy hardware that is supported by free software. And companies sell support for free software. Free in this context is about freedom, not about price.

I believe that some software is genuinely proprietary since it contains a lot of hard work and effort by individuals who want to be rewarded for this effort. They have taken risk and put a lot of time in it.

There is no point in doing that if the competitor goes: Ow that's nice! *copy && paste*. Why invent if you cannot reap benefits? In the end, we all need to eat...