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I'm a developer and I love open source software, but this idea that open source software progresses faster than closed source is just silly. If this were true then the original topic(HD 7000 2D accel) wouldn't have made the news in December of 2012. Can open source software progress faster than closed source? Sure, but such an oversimplified claim is borderline ridiculous.

There are many examples of proprietary software that pushed innovation and/or usability: UNIX, Photoshop, etc.

In the case of Photoshop, the open source world has had plenty of time to catch up and make software that is far better than Photoshop, assuming open source does indeed progress faster. IMO, GIMP is the closest and it does a good job of being an open source alternative but GIMP it isn't exactly pushing the boundaries. Now, don't get me wrong. I personally use GIMP and would never buy Photoshop but I'm also able to see past my own use cases and realize not everyone is the same.

This is of course ignoring the fact that if you take financial incentive away from programmers then there will be many less programmers writing software than there is today(including those that write open source software). Yes, programmers do get paid to write free software but they are far outnumbered by the folks that write proprietary software. Yes, companies sell support for free software but again this is a very small market in the grand scheme. Many(most?) open source developers have a day job involving proprietary software.

Why is selling support for a free open source program ethically better than selling a proprietary program with support?

And why does almost every conversation on this site end up in a open source vs proprietary software argument?


Has anyone tried these new patches for HD7000 that can tell us more about their experience with them?
Just to be clear: Photoshop has dozens of (probably poorly paid) Indian developers and a huge budget behind it,
while I can probably count the number of GIMP contributors on my right hand.
I believe Open Source progresses faster, given the same resources as proprietary software.