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Well, indeed, I'm not happy with the progress concerning this book/document.
But I didn't intend to point at those people coming up with the great idea and now have other priorities.
It's IMHO just unfortunate that it seems stalled.
I do think documentation is going to be part of the solution to expanding the development community over time, although it won't show quick results.

IMO the problem is that the docs keep getting big enough that they can't be maintained with the available people/time, and we have to keep cutting them back to the point where they can be kept current and "clean". Docco on "how each piece of code works" should be in the code, not a separate document -- the purpose of the top level doc needs to be more of an architectural introduction.

At first glance the latest book does seem to have the right level of detail, which is really promising (although I guess some would say that's just cause it ain't finished yet ).