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Thread: The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot

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    So, how do you stop a rootkit that installs a tiny Linux system, enough to boot, change stuff outside of Window's view, and ensures it always is loaded, and undetectable (because if you control the bootchain, your part of the disk could always be before the start of the disk, or after the end).

    One option is to not allow anything else to be installed, and never let your OS be in a position to have the bootloader changed.

    If you do want to allow system-level changes, or something like dual-boots, or even other OSes, you need a way to make sure only "good" operating systems and programs can make those changes.

    Another way to look at it is, how can you make sure the user is in control of the dual-booting, if it's possible for the user to not even be aware they are dual-booting/something has changed?
    If the boot loader gets overwritten in linux it's just a matter of firing up grub. Dual boot works just fine as is thank you. It certainly isnt linux's fault that windows doesnt have a boot loader comparable to grub.
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