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Thread: The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by dashcloud View Post
    Microsoft's latest OSes are pretty damn good- look here:

    In the top 10 vulnerabilities, there is not a single MS product to be found- it's dominated by Java & Flash (which are cross-platform).

    (If you'd like to see the source article, it's here (at the bottom):

    The Microsoft of today is not the Microsoft that put out Windows XP, and sometimes, the attackers are just so far ahead of you, there's nothing you can do (see Flame & Duqu).
    I know they're trying. I know M$ is making inroads into security. Linux have their own repos which is a boon to thwart a rouge application and Windows8 is trying hard for it's version (well more like an Apple walled garden). To be honest I feel
    is necessary instead of ooops I installed what? Java and Flash are both dangerous no doubt.

    With that said I don't trust them anymore. To each their own however.
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